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Téli (szeptember 1 - június 30.):

Kedd - Péntek:
10.00 - 18.00
8.00 - 13.00

Nyári (július 1 - augusztus 31.):

Kedd - Péntek:
10.00 - 18.00

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Folyóirat olvasó

A folyóirat-kölcsönzést csak a Folyóirat-olvasók Klubjába beiratkozott 18 éven felüli bejegyzett balatonfüredi állandó vagy ideiglenes lakcímmel rendelkezők vehetik igénybe.

Folyóiratlista 2017.


Aims and targets

Mission statement

The City Library is the only cultural public library at Balatonfüred, it is a settlement library with general collection interest.
Our main task is to guarantee more favourable conditions by our collection and services for our users to get to know the values of the Hungarian and universal culture, and to the continuous self-education; by our information backgroundto give assistance to the civic information, to the administration of public affairs, to getting useful experiences; to promote the research and presentation of history, cultural and ethnographic traditions, natural values, economic and social processes of the town; to give space to programs, civil organizations serving self-education and having a good free time; to contribute to the improvement of handicapped people’s equal opportunity.
In the interest of our aims and targets we have the following tasks and make efforts to realize them:
  • The book stock of the library is continuously and systematically increased and extensively explored;
  • The services of the library are improved by modern electronic tools and sources;
  • Public, collective internet availability is guaranteed for the visitors and users of the library and we are also emphasizing our own media content;
  • Handicapped people are provided with library services in our town (if required library documents are delivered to private homes for old, sick and handicapped people; „capital letter” and audio books are borrowed for blind and disabled people);
  • The availability of the book stock of other libraries is also guaranteed, their services are provided to local users (with the aid of inter-library lending, catalogues via internet, data bases, CD-ROM databases);
  • Library users’ suggestions are continuously considered, user’s-visitor’s habits are tested and according to the demands and possibilities the services of the library are modified and extended, the personal and material conditions of the library are improved in terms of authority aids, own resources and competition results;
  • Our activity, services, stock increasing strategies are co-ordinated with cultural-educational institutions, school libraries, civil organizations in the town.



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